Tabletopia for Mobile Platforms

Features and possibilities for game Authors and Publishers

Tabletopia Mobile (Beta) now runs on iPads (Apple iPad Mini 2 or higher) and is accessible to players for free.

Version 1.0: Solo and Pass & Play modes available.




Upcoming features for Publishers:

  1. Publish games in mobile app from the Workshop.
  2. Share unique activation codes with certain users for playtesting, demonstration, and promotion of games on tablets.
    Note: Both features will be available for Workshop PRO members only.

Some games will be displayed in the Featured Games section in the App. And the most popular titles can be published as stand alone apps in Apple and Android mobile stores.Meanwhile you can send requests to to add your game to the Tabletopia Mobile catalog.




Monetization of mobile games

Three options will be available:

  • Premium setups on Tablets will be accessible to premium Tabletopia users within our current revenue share model.
  • In-app purchases will be available in the Tabletopia App. It is the same approach as the DLCs on Steam which currently exist for some games.
  • Stand alone paid Apps with revenue split between Tabletopia and Publisher.  


Online Multiplayer mode

This mode will allow users to play against or with each other remotely. At the beginning we will not support cross platform play (PC vs Tablet) due to screen size difference. Mobile version uses special more compact setups.


Android Tablets support

We have already tested Tabletopia on Android (for example with Are you a human? based on Tabletopia engine). But we would like to start the adaptation to Android only after we develop the main features for iOS.


Expanding Game Library

The catalog of available games on Tabletopia Mobile will grow gradually. Currently we are porting games best fit for the Pass & Play and Solo modes from our 500+ strong catalog. With time more types of games will be added.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us at .